22 March, 2013

Friday Night

It seems like it's been a long week.
Maybe because twenty four hours just doesn't seem
like enough time anymore.
Or maybe just because I'm weary of the grey skies
and another impending weekend storm.
Naphtali is still house hunting - and beginning
 to show signs of fatigue. 
She faces an insanely competitive market.
Yesterday, a house entered the market at 1pm. 
 By the time she saw it several hours later
multiple offers had already been made.
The previous week she wrote an offer
- for a flip -
at 15k over the asking price.
She found out later that the high bid was
more than 25k over the asking price.
Insane, yes?
We talk pretty much every day.
I keep making soothing, supportive sounds:
you'll find the right one
you still have time
you'll get this figured out
let us know...
All true.
All sincere.
All beginning to sound  - to me - like:
It doesn't seem like enough.
My heart aches to see her in this position.
We would/will help in any way we can.
(and she knows that)
But the reality is that this process is hers to complete.
We wait.
We listen.
We wait.
It doesn't seem like enough.
The broken arms and misplaced toys of childhood
become the lost innocence and broken dreams of adulthood.
Both our kids are smart and strong.
They are capable and compassionate adults.
They make of proud.
They make us laugh.
Sometimes they make us long for the days when troubles
could be kissed away.
Our children's fears change as they grow older.
Mine remains fairly constant:
I hope I got this right.


On Second Street said...

That made me cry. So sorry. I feel like I require more of people than I can give back, these days and I too wish for troubles that could be soothed with a kiss or hug.

ilona said...

You have no reason to be sorry. As I said - we are happy to be available for you and Aidan. Any desire we have to see this situation end is for your relief - not ours. Having no control over the problems that beset your children (at any age) is a miserable feeling.