17 March, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

We had a great time last week with Aidan who
went home on Friday.
Thanks to Brian and Stacy who had him
over to play with their boys
Fresh snow and cold temps forestalled any plans
Aidan and Grandpa had to work on the tree house
but made it easier to manage two dogs
who love to be outside.
Aidan impressed me with the patience he demonstrated toward
 us as we tried to keep up with him
on a computer game.
I've promised to practice my gaming skills before we meet again.
Which will be in a couple weeks (!) - for his birthday.
The countertop arrived as promised on Monday.
The plumber will be here tomorrow to
finish the garbage disposal etc.
Yesterday we spent a good part of the day
discussing and discarding ideas
for the backsplash.  Somehow, overnight, plans
took shape and today supplies have been purchased,
 measurements made and the
cutting and piecing begun!  
We're both just plain tired.

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