18 March, 2013


This is one of the things Aidan and I did during his visit.
His went home as a spot of color/cheer
for Naphtali.

I brought the dirt and grass seed in the house to warm up
for a few days before we planted.
This is one week's growth.

The plumber came today and I'm happy to report that
our sink (both sides!) and disposal are working.

This was my project this afternoon:

It seemed silly not to make use of the back of the cabinet
Clock, calendar, reminders, recipes
all need a place for easy access.
Here it is.  For now.  
Something better may come along...
All the supplies were already in the house
and I love a free project. 

The ribbon is tacked to the top of the cabinet.
Super-size paper clips allow papers
to be posted for easy access.
The calendar shares a magnetic board with recipes.
Teapot and pitchers fill the top.
Yesterday was spent measuring and cutting the
beadboard for the backsplash.
Today I put the first coat of spar varnish on everything.
Tonight I watch Anna Karenina.


Marianne said...

Did you enjoy Anna Karenina? I thought it was exceptional, and I rarely like films when I have loved the book

ilona said...

Marianne -
I did enjoy the movie once I got past the unusual format. It was a visual feast!
I can be a bit snobbish about books/movies but am trying to treat them as two separate works rather than expecting to see a favorite book faithfully presented on screen. Don't get me started on
Les Mis:-)...