29 March, 2013

Friday Evevning

Name the last time you felt sorry for a squirrel!!
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Yesterday morning throughout the whole
 neighborhood the sound of
cardinals, finches
and robins
(there were/are others)
was replaced by the drone of power tools.
Not your average
grass blower
(though I have heard them recently)
but the deep throaty roar of big chainsaws.
The neighbor behind us was having his tree trimmed.
At least that's what I thought.
I will admit it was fun to watch them
rig all the support cables and then one guy
began to pull himself up the tree in his harness;
 a skillful, oddly elegant, process.
Saws were raised,
 branches were lowered,
breaks were taken
and I had to leave.
 When I returned several hours later
the silence was the first clue that the job was finished.
Imagine my surprise when I realized
that the tree hadn't been trimmed
it had been removed!!
It was a towering maple
and I can't help but think of all the history
that tree has seen.
I hate seeing trees cut down
and this one was a beauty!
I honestly hope that it was an agonizing
 decision for the neighbors.
There were so many birds and squirrels
that made their home in that tree.
The poor squirrels just kept running back to sit
on the stump as if maybe this time
the tree would be there.
I know - they're squirrels - even so
they had my sympathy.

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