22 April, 2013

Monday Morning

Busy weekend.
Tim caught the gardening bug.
I caught the respiratory crud bug.
We'll see who makes the most progress.
We picked up some fencing the other day and
Tim worked on creating a
 dog-free section
of the back yard so he can garden in peace.
There is a nifty little gate that
 calls out for an arch with clematis.
He planted peas, beets and
 a variety of lettuces and spinach.
google images
I had plans to putter out there a bit today
but overnight rain
and this cough have me re-thinking my plans.
Later this week I'll head to Fort Dodge.
We've convinced my mother that she/we all
have too much stuff laying around.
She/we should have a yard sale.
She/we will have one.
This weekend.
I've been gathering my contributions
and need to get things marked
and ready to go.
This is probably a good day to do that.

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