07 April, 2013

Sunday Morning.

A fire is lazily conversing behind me.
Tim is on his way home from Minneapolis
so it is just Charlie and I getting a slow start to the morning.
Delightfully slow.
I had company yesterday.
My mother and a sister scheduled a visit as they would be
 "in the neighborhood."
I wouldn't be home from work 'til 3:30 so I told
 them the door would be open and
please let Charlie out,
 if they got there first.  It wasn't too much of a
surprise to see their vehicle
in the driveway when I turned the corner to come home.
They came about 2:15.
They sat out on the deck, chatted, relaxed, waited.
They brought cute things for me.
We visited.  I fed them.
 We laughed.
They left.
A good visit.

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