08 April, 2013

Still, small voice...

This is always a fun time of year.
There is something new to enjoy everyday.
The wisteria made it through the winter and has buds!
The sun sets later each day.
Birds are singing.
People are opening their windows
(I can smell coffee on my morning walk).
We sleep with a window open year round which leads
 to an convoluted process of
 trying to find the right mix of sheets
and/or blankets.
For these few weeks
temperatures climb and drop so much from
sunrise to sunset and back again.
Thus, today's dilemma:
If I take the flannel sheets off I can leave all the blankets on.
If the flannels stay I need to eliminate
or exchange at least one blanket.
Here's hoping that the quiet whisper I hear, now, saying
"you should have stuck with the flannel sheets" 
doesn't become  a wailing
when I crawl into bed tonight.


Valerie said...

I laughed.

Valerie said...

I also enjoyed your story of your drop-in visitors.

ilona said...

The sheets were just fine when I went to bed but felt a little thin in pre-dawn...