11 April, 2013

You Have to Laugh

I brought this book home from the library recently:

The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
by Elizabeth L. Cline.
Of course, the next day,
JCP had a flier in my mailbox promising
everything I need for summer
for $20 or less.
I already shared the opinion
(and have tried to be responsible in my attitudes and consumption)
that there was something amiss in
the way clothing is
 and/or procured
so it won't be a life-changing read.
One comment, on page nine of the introduction, elicited
a "Seriously!?" when I read Ms. Cline's
earnest exhortation to
"...develop more of a relationship with the things we wear."
While I understand, and agree with the
basic premise,
I couldn't help but think that I have
with whom I need to develop relationships!
Please don't add my wardrobe to that category!!

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