05 January, 2014

Oh the thinks I had thought!

Today was filled
with shiny expectation!
My list had fun entries
sprinkled among the laundry and dishes
and normal getting-ready-for-the-week items.
I was going to post a couple recent outfits
- and then I went to edit the photos -
so that's not going to happen this week.
But I'll give myself credit
(take it where you can)
for actually having taken photos!
They are an afterthought, at best.
I was also going to activate a new gadget
but it requires information
from my current service provider
so that means business hours tomorrow.
Downtown Abbey is still ahead.
Here's a sop
as the planned pictures
were a flop:
Naphtali and I had our nails "done" the
Monday before Christmas.
She opted for a pedicure in preparation
for her trip to Haiti.
I had my first shellac manicure.
It will be three weeks tomorrow and
they still look like we just left the salon.
Growth is evident at the base of the nails but
tips and color are intact
and still vibrant.
What do they use to remove this stuff!?

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

Those are very pretty nails and it's hard to believe they were applied 3 weeks ago! Enjoy Downton Abbey -- I don't have it in my cable package, so I'm waiting until it's available on iTunes -- hopefully not too long.