30 January, 2014


The third word to describe how I want to
 be seen is appropriate.
So, here's where I am:
I hadn't planned to even think about
spring/summer clothes
until April, but everyone else seems to be...
Our weather can be unpredictable until
well into April.
Because my internal thermostat
is wacko
my current supply of clothes are
lighter and layerable
and hopefully will see me through
for a while, yet.
The undeniable fact, though, is that with my weight loss
I have no spring/summer clothes.
If I'm going to shop I want to add
pieces that will fit a broader plan for this
next phase of building my "look."
I've spent  many hours
The starting point always seems the
biggest challenge.
Two neutrals?  Three?
A favorite painting?
A scarf?
Just tell me where to start!
In spite of my ruminations it has been a good week.
Important decisions have been made;
Nails?  Shorter.
Hair? Longer.
The third word.
While looking through my closet for something else
I found several unexpected items that
helped shape a plan.
For whatever reason these things
have survived both the moving purge
and the weight loss shuffle and were buried, forgotten,
in the depths of my closet.
A blue Missioni-style sweater.
A plaid fabric belt. (!?!)
A pair of blue tweed pumps.
Blue and white cardigan.
Add the tan bag
- my favorite summer bag -
and I think we can see a pattern developing.
At this point I'm happy to go with a
plan in navy.
It's a good starting place for me.
I'm excited to get started.


materfamilias said...

Good to have a guiding framework -- I'll be curious to see how you follow it through, keen to watch Vivienne's theories put into practice. . .

materfamilias said...
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ilona said...

This will probably become a fairly long exercise in thinking aloud. Recording my processes for others to see will be a challenge.