26 January, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

I should be driving, so today counts as
a free day.
Free days - as you know - should
be used for projects or naps
or movie marathons
but shouldn't be wasted on ordinary
household tasks like
The weather kept us from making the trip
to Minneapolis to
 say goodbye to
Aidan's dog, Proton.
He wasn't himself when they came for Christmas
and a trip to the vet yielded a
sad diagnosis.
We were already on the calendar for the
Chinese New Year program
coming at the of this week, but it
seemed urgent to make
the trip now.
Unfortunately the weather interfered and we
made the call to stay home.
So we skyped instead!
We were able to chat.
Charlie added his greetings.
Proton responded to our voices and wagged his tail.
None of us know what the next few days
will bring.  So we were glad
to see Aidan and Proton.
We talked and laughed together.
It was far from perfect, but
it was good.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Thanks for the post. How very, very sad for everyone.