16 January, 2014

Thursday Morning

My haiku challenge has ended.
On Tuesday the last one was composed and posted.
You'd think that after a solid year, those few minutes
would still automatically beckon.
No topics clamored for expression as I walked to work
and back yesterday.
No snippets pushed their way into my
consciousness as I woke this morning.
Seems odd that something so vital to your
everyday rhythms for that length of time
could so easily stop.
I am thinking of planning on a new
- but less formal -
How to go about it
will require some thought and
It will take me waaay
outside my comfort zone, as they say.
But I can remember thinking
that kickboxing/gymrattery was waaay
outside said zone.
A new ten-week session has begun at the gym.
There are 60+ students
and four of them are part of our regular
class time. 
I've agreed to be a coach, assisting
a woman who has done this
for previous sessions.
We're not instructors.
We help/support the newbies as they
sort through all the terms and techniques,
 easing them into the mainstream
of class activity.
Four days in and so far, so good.

I'll get back to you with that other project.



materfamilias said...

I did wonder what would happen with the haiku when you got to the end of the year. It's so interesting to look at how we move in and out of patterns and phases, how some activities stick, how we transition abruptly or gradually away from others. . .

Valerie said...

What a great way to maintain your own success at the gym...passing your experience on to others.

ilona said...

Mater -
The haiku was fun! I will have other outlets for word play. What I hope to hold onto through this is the sense of being more observant. Events, moods, colors are all too easy to overlook in the dailies.

Valerie -
...it feels good to invest in someone else.

On Second Street said...

That is so amazing mom! Good for you!