16 May, 2012

A bird in hand

or a needle in a haystack

Recently, Naphtali and I spotted a silhouette of a dove as we were skimming through pinterest, 
following links, and well, I'm not too sure what we were doing or where the whole chain of our search began, but pallet furniture probably figured in...

Anyway.  We found this dove - not this dove

but the perfect dove and we both made an "ooohh" 
or something embarrassingly close
and immediately discussed ways it could be used for Christmas gifts/tags/ornaments.
Did we pin it?  Bookmark it? Save it in any way? No, No, and No.

I have since been looking for said dove.
The one pictured above courtesy of google images as are all the illustrations in this post is close - though ours had no wing.
The array of dove representations from which one may choose is close to overwhelming.

You have the traditional dove signifying peace:

The one pictured below connotes religion:

You can find the fanciful
  as well as its poor country cousin.
And many that aren't even doves!

Persistence has its reward: these may be what I want:

Simple, clean, elegant.  I'll let you know if they work.

In an aside:  I have been told that Christmas = hand-made for the Jordisons this year.
Can anyone confirm that for me??

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