09 May, 2012


It was a good day for bargains!

I picked up 4 (yes, four!) (took the whole display) of these pots for a buck each.

I am suddenly in love (but no less frugal) with this color for the garden and have passed by so 
many beautiful objet due to the price.  
This was serendipitous - I stopped in the Dollar Store this morning for some oddments 
and they were sitting there waiting for me!
They're 8-inch, BHG pots and a couple of them will travel this weekend as gifts.

But the real find of the day was waiting for me next door - at the Goodwill.

You can probably read the price tag - $1.79.  
What you can't read (poor photo editing options) - just above the tag it says
That's right folks!
I scored this lovely Redwing basket for $1.79.

Finds like this always happen to someone else - always - so you'll have to excuse me while I 


Valerie said...

Both are incredible deals as well as being beautiful. You deserve to bask/glow/smile/enjoy.

Barb said...

I am so happy you found the RedWing.

Which GW?

ilona said...

the GW in Waukee