24 May, 2012


On a recent trip to Minneapolis I stumbled upon a cache of summertime memories tucked 
amid the travel and trial size bins at Walmart.
 This is what good marketing is all about!

The fragrance of this once familiar but long forgotten product 
is associated with two (2) distinct images:

Large purple rollers 
the cabin at Okoboji.

Feel free to play along - once you've visualized the rollers and the cabin the memories just keep rolling... 
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I've been using it daily - have even replaced my travel-sized impulse with a full size jar!
My skin looks and feels better than it has in a long time.
The simple act of opening the jar to release the fragrance brings
 a smile to my face.

Surely we used it all year 'round but for some reason it speaks to me of summer.

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Valerie said...

I don't remember ever using Noxema at home...only while at Okoboji to soothe the ever-present sunburn. As a part of growing my hair out, I did buy some curlers. I look just like Mom when I have them in. One of my fondest memory of Okoboji was reading Gone with the Wind in 24 straight hours...moving from a lawn chair in the yard until it got dark and then moving to the rocking chair inside and then back outside when it got lifht again. My knees were sunburned only to the point where the book had been resting against my legs. Not a terribly attractive look.