11 May, 2012

Mother's Day

At some point during the next few days you may hear
  (find yourself humming along?)
 "M is for the many things... " as all around us
the annual phenomenon known as Mother's Day 
kicks into high gear.
(Yes, I did send cards.  Yes, I do send greetings. Yes, we'll stop in on Sunday.)

Unfortunately, this weekend M also means moving for Naphtali and Aidan.
We're making the run to the northlands to help/pack/load/move. 
Not your traditional Hallmark Mother's Day,
 but an opportunity to be available - to do what we can.

Mothering is a never-ending quest - a daunting job comprised of a
thousand delicate maneuvers each day.
Some accept that quest with fervor and grace -
and we marvel at them.
Others manage as best they can - and we pull for them.
Some lose sight of its fragile complexity in the day-to-day slog.
Well, there are always others - they inspire, they challenge, they help, they...  
They do what needs to be done - they are mothers, after all.

Happy Mother's Day
To you and your's

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On Second Street said...

thank you for coming and for everything else this year.