20 August, 2012

Another first

Last week saw another first for me:

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Monday was our anniversary so Tim put in a couple early morning hours at work
and we headed to the Iowa State Fair.

Familiar refrain:  
Tim's family did; mine didn't.

Fairs were problematic for us when the girls were little 
but we began making them a regular event when we lived in PA.

Tim and I hit the Nebraska State Fair several times.  
Once we won at bingo.  That small grill Tim works his magic with?  It was our bingo prize.

So we wandered.  Day-dreamed.  Chatted.  Laughed.
Had a fun day.

Yes, we saw the butter cow and the chocolate moose.


Valerie said...

I remember a couple of visits to the State Fair when we were growing up....midway rides, cotton candy, exhibits. But we were by no means regulars as many families are/were. I also remember visits to the Winnebago County Fair when we stayed with Bertha a couple of times. It seems to me we hit the county fair in Spencer several times too en route to Okoboji. Good times.

ilona said...

I will accept your version of State fair visits - I have no recollection...

A fair with Bertha made an impression - not a pleasant memory - but I do have a story to tell acknowledging the event.

The Spencer fair? Never - I was always envious of Jenn Pullen and her family's involvement.

Valerie said...

Send me an email with your Bertha story. I think I have a vague memory of what happened. My memories of being at Bertha's revolve around avoiding the yard and thus avoiding the sheep sh*t.

Maybe it wasn't the Spencer fair but the Blue Earth Fair? Or what area would have been north of Okoboji?