12 January, 2013

Projects abound

We're painting in the kitchen.
(As you may well guess I forgot to take "before" pictures - oops!)
Project one.
I'm also still learning the new laptop Tim gave me for Christmas
so even though I did take several
"here-we-are-in-the-middle-of-the-process" pictures
I don't know how to edit and add them.
So, computer:
Project 2.
Of course, if you're pulling doors from cupboards
you're going to clean, sort, toss the contents:
Project 3.
Starting yard sale piles for this spring:
Project 4.
My attention has been piqued by this blog:
Cute and ...cute - take a look.
So, rather uncharacteristically, I bought the book.
Just like that.
Kindle edition - instant scratch for that
particular itch.
I plan to pursue a 365 challenge of my own.
Project 5.
And some well defined strategies like
 going to bed earlier
getting more exercise
looking for humor
for a
healthier, happier me.
Project 6.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Ambitious! Sending you good thoughts for the satisfactory completion of all projects...short term and long term.