21 January, 2013

If you're wondering...

It. is. cold.
Just cold.
Generally, the poem I post each day contains
my observations
from the previous day.
A system that works for me.
I know it's early but I'm already having
trouble with the idea
that my impressions of today will be
dominated by flannels and sweatshirts and
hot oatmeal...
The birds have taken refuge somewhere out of
the wind.  I wish them well.
The sun is up but is telling the most
shameless lies.
It. is. cold.
So, I'm enjoying my hot oatmeal
with blueberries.
The tantalizing aroma of spinach puffs is moving from
the oven into my office area.
When I finish this post it will be time for flannels and a sweatshirt
so I can get to work.
The plan is to prime, paint and hang
the cupboard doors
and to start on the base cabinets.
We're making progress.
There are nine boxes of flooring in the back entry.
Walls have changed color.
The railing is gone.
(really gone - I can hear the garbage truck outside right now!)
My day is waiting - hope all is well for you...


materfamilias said...

I just followed some cyber breadcrumbs to your site, and I have to say how much I enjoy it. The daily haiku is a wonderful challenge, and I will be back to watch the collection develop.
and thanks so much for listing me on your Blogroll -- it's much appreciated!

On Second Street said...

the railing is gone!? awesome! cant wait to see what you are up to!