28 January, 2013

Monday Morning

Another grey week followed by
another grey weekend bringing us to
another grey Monday.
Are you seeing the trend?
But the other day a package arrived.
Packages, as you know, travel with
their own sunshine.
Doesn't a package always put a smile on your face? 
I'd recently seen something on Pinterest
that I figured could be replicated at my house.
So I searched Amazon for that *just right* option and ordered this:
to apply to my washing machine.

The dryer has a funny lip under the door which kept me
from running the decal across its front...
Bright, cheerful, cheap - always a good combination -
providing a small spot of sunshine in a grey winter.

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

What a great idea! Tulips always bring a smile, even to the laundry!