11 August, 2013

Sunday Evening

Tomorrow begins the last week
of my ten week session of
There will be final-results testing and tallies
an "after" picture
and a party.
I've already signed on to continue
for the next year.
I like the accountability.
I like the workout.
I like the way I look.
The way I feel.
We finished putting the deck back together.
(I really missed having my breakfast
under the tree.)
The hummingbird is back.
The green beans have been delicious.
Beets will come into play this week.
Aidan is here for the week.
We've already played tennis
and a round of golf.
Had ice cream.
And baked zucchini bread.
The State Fair is scheduled for Thursday.
And I'm certain the days in between will
be filled with a flurry of activity.

1 comment:

On Second Street said...

sounds like a great week. make sure Dad gets a picture of you on Saturday!!!!