18 August, 2013

Final Report

My ten week session at Farrell's is history.
We finished with testing in the morning
and a party last night.
Monday morning it starts all over again.
Here's my final tally:
14.6 pounds - lost.
16 total inches - melted away.
4.03 minutes shaved from my mile
bringing it under 12.
Sit-ups, push-ups and flexibility all increased.
I will also add,
 with some relief at the thought that my photos will remain private,
that it was not enough to win the $1000.
I'm honestly thrilled for Katie,
who was in my 9:15 class.
The money will be used for college expenses.
 I am more than pleased by what I've
accomplished in these past ten weeks.
And look forward to what comes next.


Valerie said...

How exciting! Congratulations! Wow! I have to admit,as your self-appointed stylist, I was thinking of ways to spend that thousand dollars.

ilona said...

I'll admit that I entertain a few ideas, as well...