22 August, 2013

Free time

As I have nothing pressing on my calendar
- or mind -
today, it seemed like a good time for a new post.
"Our" hummingbirds are back.
The swooping sound made by their wings is always
a delight to hear.  And they make an odd
chirp, almost like a dolphin's chatter,
that always surprises me.
Sadly, this year, I won't be watching for them
while reclining indulgently
in my hammock.
It has disintegrated.
String by string.
You can't imagine how much I already miss it.
I'm glad it held together long
enough for Aidan to enjoy while he was here.
Earlier this morning I went through my tee shirts.
The rag bag will be replenished,
with some going on to the Goodwill .
The other day I went through my pants.
It's rather embarrassing that there were so many
items in both the "keep" and
"toss" piles. 
The plan was to do no shopping for a few
more weeks.  Make what I have
work for these last few weeks of heat
and enjoy some new fall clothes.
That is still the general outline of my plan,
but, there are some gaps- literally -
that need to be filled.  Now.
And everyone has everything on sale
so tomorrow I will pick up a few essentials.
And scope out some of the fall offerings...


Valerie said...

I will bring you a Yucatecan hammock when I am in Iowa in March. Any special color choices you might like? I will take photos of the ones we use in the Central House to give you some ideas. Of course, I have a lovely hammock...beige.

ilona said...

What a great offer - thanks. I'll leave the choice of color to you...