23 August, 2013

Passing Time

I've just applied the top coat to my nails
so I'm doing a bit of surfing waiting for everything to dry.
I work tomorrow and need nice nails.
Scrolling through Pinterest it occurred to me
that I haven't eaten any  pasta for over
three months.
Brown rice, wild rice, potatoes, but no pasta.
Last night I sautéed
 banana peppers from our garden
with red and orange peppers,
mushrooms, spinach,
and potatoes from the garden.
Of course, there is no photo.
You'll have to believe me when I say
it was colorful and tasty.
And will be repeated soon.
This pin:

will be used in the next few days.
It looks so tasty!
And the ingredients are already on hand!
It's too easy
- and enjoyable -
to eat the same rotation of foods.
Pinterest provides a nudge from time-to-time
 reminding me that some options
are really quite simple.

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