27 August, 2013


It's funny where the mind will take us.
Today I had a vivid recollection of
choosing my first bottle of moisturizer.
Early 30's.
Living in PA.
I had playground duty several times
each day at the school
our children attended and
decided it was time
to protect my skin from the elements.
I chose Oil of Olay
and splurged on
the frosted glass bottle with a pump.
My products have changed over the years
but not my dedication.
google images
I am a moisturizer.
The outside world may see me without
makeup, mascara or lipstick,
but I never skip the moisturizer.
My face, neck and chest are
slathered twice daily.
I've recently added the back of my hands
to that list.  With all
the anti-aging properties
packed into these new formulas
it seems a shame to pass over
my hands, which often bear the brunt
of careless use or exposure.
I do use lotions on them
but this takes only a sec
and it makes me feel that I've
done a good thing.

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