10 June, 2013


We all set a variety of goals
throughout our lifetime.
The inchoate daydreams of youth
give way to five-year plans. 
 We set our sights on desired
and we map out the strategies necessary
to get us from point A
to point B.
Childhood school lessons 
fostered a desire to live in Pennsylvania
and the years we spent there
are among my favorites.
As an young adult I came across
the word "inchoate" for the first time
and I have waited patiently for
the opportunity to use it.
Never, though, never
was there a time when even my wildest 
dreams included these:

google images
Yet, I now have a pair
and they will be a primary accessory
for the next ten weeks.
Check back and learn more...

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Valerie said...

Wow. At home? At a gym? Wow.