12 June, 2013


That seems like a significant number.
Today we have sunshine,
and sore muscles.
So back to the boxing gloves...
The class I'm involved in uses a combination
of kickboxing and
strength training through resistance bands.
They also emphasize healthy nutrition.
Six days a week.
Alternating KB and ST
and rotating upper and lower body workouts for each.
Monday was LB KB.
Tuesday, LB ST.
Today was UB KB
 tomorrow will be UP ST
and Friday should be LB KB again.
I was told the class would include a variety of
shapes and
and that has proven true.
I was also told to expect a
among the participants,
which has also proven true.
This is so far outside any comfort zone
I've ever imagined.
The schedule/accountability
is just what I needed to get out of my slump.
The people are a good influence
in many ways.
I don't quite have the proper technique
for the hook
but I have a killer upper-cut!
More soon.

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