19 June, 2013

Food! Glorious Food!

The food.
This program does include/advocate
a system of six small meals daily,
(taken every 2.5 - 3 hours)
emphasizing proteins and good carbs.
And water.
Lots of water.
Palm-sized protein portions.
Fist-sized carbs.

I'm not hungry.
I'm not bored with my options.
The biggest challenge, so far,
has been to stretch my day to accommodate
an 18-hour period between first
and last meal.
Especially, when my preferred schedule
doesn't see me out of bed 'til around 7:00 am
and I want to stop eating around
7:30 each evening.
Back in bed by 9:30.
It's tough.
It makes me laugh to think of the day that I returned from class,
picked my spinach and prepared an egg for my
second breakfast. 
(This is the only meal that I actually take the time to prepare.)
(as opposed to a bowl of bran flakes with strawberries)
(or peanut butter toast)
(or nuking a bowl of rice and beans)
Fresh spinach
red pepper
some cheese
one egg
1/2 a whole grain wrap.
By the time I finished my breakfast
cleaned up
took a shower and got ready to
run errands
it was time to eat again!! 
I'll have to learn to move faster...
I use my chart and log faithfully.
Starting with a plan for the day is necessary, though
adjustments are often made as I juggle
schedule and intent.
For the last few years it has been our habit to
grill enough meat for a week's meals.
Appropriate portions are frozen and
This works well with my new regimen.
I've learned to make a
batch of brown rice to keep ready in the 'fridge.
I make it with vegetable stock.
Last week it was eaten with black beans,
cheese and fresh salsa.
Sometimes hot, sometimes cold.
Sometimes early in the day.
Sometimes as supper.
This week, I sautéed a portion of cabbage, onion, red pepper
and carrots (kept ready for several meals)
which I will add to the rice when needed.
I carry a portion of almonds whenever I leave the house.
Water, too, bien sur!
I'm making the effort to save my
greek yogurt closer to bedtime, which I find
a hard habit to cultivate.


Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing this information. No fat? The schedule does seem a little overwhelming in terms of being organized ALL the time. It seems like the 2.5 interval would fit within your preferred 7:00 - 7:30 schedule.

ilona said...

Low fat. I saute veggies in olive oil. Cheese, lean meat, soy or almond milk, yogurt, nuts (lots of nuts), an occasional protein bar, peanut butter all contribute fat to the day. Probably enough to account (at least somewhat) for the feeling of satiety rather than just fullness.