17 June, 2013


Our project this weekend was to replace
the window in the upstairs bathroom.
According to the papers that accompanied it
professional installation
would require approximately
one hour.
Whatever else we may be
professional installers
we're not.
Some creative problem-solving was required, involving
several additional trips up and
down the ladder.
What really slowed us down, though,
was stopping to watch the green beans grow.
google images
Last week Tim planted green beans
in the garden box on the south
side of the house.
The ladder to the window was set
just beside the garden space.
When we started the box was empty except for three (3)
fingernail-sized, green nubbins,
just emerging through the black soil. 
Over the course of the next 90 minutes
we watched those three nubbins 
turn into stemmed plants with
 leaves unfurled.
By the time we packed up the ladder
four more nubbins had emerged.

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