16 June, 2013

Week One

Week one is in the books!
Can I get a hallelujah!?
Here's what I'm taking away -
besides the sore muscles.
When we started I hoped there would be some moves/exercises
 that I would be able to do.
Not do well - but do. 
And there were.
There are also some that give me trouble.
I expected that, too.

(it may seem like a fine distinction -
"not do well" and "give me trouble"
- but there is a big difference.)
So things didn't get ugly until I ran into one that
I could. not. do.
At all.
That's was when the tears threatened.
Laying on my back I'm thinking
And I held it together.
I also made it my personal challenge
to master that particular exercise
by the end of my ten weeks.
That was day 2.
Afterword one of the coaches
stopped to chat and mentioned that she left
during her second day.  Ran (waddled),
 to her car
and swore she'd never come back.
Someone else added that she'd cried all the way home.
Another one admitted that she couldn't do sit-ups
when she first started
which got a laugh and they all started naming
their particular wash-out exercise.
These were not canned motivation snippets.
They were sincere.
They came from instructors, coaches,
and the person panting next to you. 
Twice during the week it was necessary to attend a different session.
I found the same helpful attitude among
these strangers.
The same variety of ages, shapes and abilities. 
Friday was an all-out kickboxing extravaganza!
We worked.  Hard.  Non-stop.
and it felt like it the next day.  Oy.
Yesterday was a *slower* day. 
A one-time, two hour session to address form
both on the bag and with the bands.
Just newbies.
No less intense.
And tomorrow it starts all over, again.


Valerie said...

Hallelujah, Sister! Your tale was so descriptive, I felt I was there with you. So happy that there are such supportive people involved. Go, go, go.

Valerie said...

Six days a week!?!?

ilona said...

Thank you. And yes, six days a week.