17 July, 2013

Change of Plans

My afternoon plans changed
leaving me several attractive options
before leaving for work:
watch a movie
write my haiku
post about the exciting
package delivered to my doorstep!!
I've recently spent too many hours
of too many days
looking online and in stores
for a pair of shoes for
Jacob's wedding.
I've never considered myself
a "shoe" person
but the longer you look
the more you see...
It does amaze me that shoes/heels/pumps
-which essentially share a standard construction-
can elicit such a varied response.
I've seen some that all
you can do is say
"That is a beautiful shoe,"
while the one sitting next to it doesn't earn a second glance.
To digress here about the seductive and expensive
options out there would keep me from
the object of this post
so let's soldier on.

Putting my best foot forward
I can only ask:
What do you think!?


Valerie said...

I love the shoes. Not sure if the wedding is the right occasion for them howver when you are the Mog. If you were going as a guest there would be no hesitation. I also don't think they carry the same weight/tone as your accessories.

ilona said...

I agree (these are keepers - but for another time) and am still looking for a nude pump. I have another round of shopping planned for today after my class. Heel height and price points have made this search more difficult than expected.