01 July, 2013

Monday Afternoon

We saw a bit more activity than we're used to
over the weekend.
Our niece, Alison, was married on Saturday afternoon.
Aidan was a junior groomsman
so he, his mother, and his dog came down
Thursday night.  It might have actually
been Friday morning
when they arrived.
Aidan carried the rings and handed them off
to the minister at the designated cue.
He performed admirably,
looked handsome,
and represented the family well.
In addition to the wedding,
the rehearsal etc
and my regular classes
those few days included a trip to
a haircut,
a quick shopping trip,
the library,
rain, wind, sunshine,
fresh peas from the garden,
a watermelon,
lots and lots of visiting,
and a new game invented by Tim and Aidan
called squirt ball.
A classic kickball with the addition of squirt gun options
for the fielders.
The bride was lovely,
the cake was delicious,
and the band was really loud.

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On Second Street said...

It was a fun weekend. Thanks for everything.