05 July, 2013

Friday Morning

For whatever reason
today has a sort of Monday feel to it.
Yesterday found us working on the deck.
It needs to be stained.
And the already big project took on
ginormous proportions
when Tim stated replacing screws and removing boards.
There isn't much to show for our hours
of work yesterday.
But it's his baby now because
Charlie and I are heading to Minneapolis
after my morning class.
I can't wait to see what Naphtali
has done with her kitchen.
She mentioned an Ikea run so I've been
thinking about what I might
need here from there.
Holiday or not
we did have class yesterday.
It was a circuit class. 
and medicine balls
all focusing on lower body muscle groups.
I was wobbly for quite
some time after it ended.
I might need to get a medicine ball...

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