19 July, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsom

It seems as that shoes have taken
an inordinate amount of my time and energy
recently, so I did a quick tour
to show you, and remind me, that I
have, in fact accomplished
quite a lot in the last week.  Or so.

I attend my class every morning
and have added a quick mile on the elliptical
when I get home.
Today I went through my drawers and 
closet trying on clothes.
I have a pile that will go to the goodwill
and a pile for alterations.
There has been a lot of gardening.
A lot of watering.
The lettuce and spinach were finished a couple
weeks ago.  Peas, too.
Believe me, though, when I say they were
scrumptious. We ate fresh potatoes.
The heat this past week has been tough on
us, the yard and all the plants,
requiring some extra TLC especially for
 me, Charlie, my wisteria
and the potted plants.

See how awful the grass is!?
(We don't water the grass.)
But the Russian Sage is looking good.

As are the moss rose

  and sedums.
I planted a carpet rose.
The hutch is back 
(where I think) it belongs.
The yellow wall is gone.
(Can't take credit for the paint job - Tim did it.)
The bathroom window is finished.
(I did do the painting, here.)
Plants have been trimmed,
and deployed all over the place.
I had fun with spray paint. 
I finished my pile of sanding for the deck project.
We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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