29 September, 2013

At Last

We left our driveway around 6 AM
on Monday, September 9.
Arrived in Portland
around 5 PM, Tuesday.
Wednesday was forecast to be hot so
we planned a day along the coast.
Taking windy back roads to get there made
the trip fun from beginning to end.
These pictures are from Tunnel Beach
near Oceanside.
This bit of cliff (?) juts out and during higher tides
separates the beach into distinct sections.
The view from the opening: 
Esteban, Jacob and Tim on the other side.

The cloud banks never did lift.

People we talked to explained they
were looking for agates
which wash up along this particular stretch of beach.
They were pretty intent 
so we gave it some casual effort
and found a couple teentiny samples.
We also found:

As we wandered along that day it was
inevitable that I would compare this beach
with other beaches I've enjoyed.
When someone hears those five letters
- b - e - a - c - h -
chances are they will access a picture completely
different than the one I conjure.
The variety is endless
and the personal associations, priceless.
If we both hear
- g - i - r - a - f - f - e -
we will probably have a very similar
 - fairly standard - response
because it's unlikely that either of us has
a personal giraffe experience
to help define our images.
(this one comes courtesy of googleimages)
I'll be back soon with more from Oregon
 but for now
here's to a day of lovely reflections
of your beach experiences.

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