24 September, 2013

The Weekend

Reviewing the trip to Oregon
 keeps getting bumped from the list
but I will cover it - soon.
These are pictures from the storm clean-up over the weekend. 
Friday found me working on the
loose branches already on the ground.  
Tim addressed the tree's condition
on Saturday, removing smaller branches 
(I had to work so I missed this phase)
getting it to this point so we could
 work together Sunday before I left for the library.
 This branch was broken and wedged among other branches
requiring a multi-phase removal.

 Here you can see that the trunk is on the ground
but still caught above.
We repositioned the strap and pulled again to dislodge it.

 Nothing was broken.
 Firewood for next fall.

 This is what's left of Aidan's tree. 
We removed two branches from the middle and lost
a good portion of a third.
It made for a long, busy day.
This story - like so many - involves
more than just the obvious, surface details.
As I was hauling branches to the front curb
- making the trip over and over -
I was thinking of how much our lives
 change over a year.
Since June I've lost 22 pounds,
again, only part of the story.
The numbers are wonderful but
the significant part of the story is how I feel.
I move easier.
Sleep better.
Have more energy
and interests.
I feel good.
I feel well.

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