20 September, 2013

I have pictures to post from our trip to Oregon.
But not today...
Today it's a quick few snaps after last night's storm.
Along with a promise to
get some other loose ends tidied up.
Soon.  Today I will be cleaning up storm damage
after I return from the gym.
Aidan's tree.

We lost several big branches from Aidan's tree - small ones
from all the others.
Hail, wind, and debris from who-knows-where
peppered the house and fences for about  30 minutes.
The wail of emergency squad sirens started almost
immediately after and was soon accompanied by
the whine of chain saws.
Several streets were blocked off and I've been
told that the elementary school
- down and street and around the corner -
lost part of its roof.
This morning the sun is shining.

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

Wow! That's not the welcome home you might have expected! I'm glad the damage wasn't severe, but still, that hail seems to have scoured your siding. Take care. I'll look forward to the trip photos. . .