16 September, 2013

Home again, home again

We pulled into our driveway about 1:00
this morning.
We covered 4300+ miles in
six days and had a great time
but it's hard not to think
that we were
one phone call away
from being in Estes Park last week.
We drove through an edge of the system that
settled over the area as we went through
Cheyenne and Laramie last Monday.
And, again, as we came
through yesterday.
During our sojourn in Nebraska
we enjoyed so many wonderful days
hiking around Estes Park.
Entering Big Thompson canyon always
took my anticipation to
the next level. 
Glen Haven was a favorite stop.
It's hard to imagine the hard work
ahead for those who will try
 to reclaim what was lost.

Today was busy with
cleaning the car

Tim ran this morning and
I made it to the gym this afternoon
for the 5:30 class. 
Tomorrow we'll be tired.


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