25 September, 2013


This past weekend we did
squeeze in some fun between all
necessary chores.
Tim's brother, sister and their spouses met at our place
and together we took in the
World Food & Music Festival
in downtown Des Moines
on Saturday night.
The weather was perfect.
The crowd was just the right size.
We heard great music.
and ate some amazing food.
We laughed, chatted and ate our way through
several hours of relaxed camaraderie.
It was a fun night and the food - so delicious.
Did I mention how good the food was?
But if I'd known how this was going to work
I'd have brought my own spoon.
My own family knows that sharing food from a common plate
or a sip from a common glass is a challenge for me.
They love me in spite of it.
On this night, the festival spirit required
that you buy whatever delicacy
caught your fancy
and share it among the six of us. 
Sometimes we even shared the utensil.
At  some point I began to think
that I could survive the coming apocalypse.

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