14 November, 2013

Change of Plans

Charlie and I are waiting for it to warm up a bit
before we take a walk
and as my run to Webster City has
been cancelled,
I have what amounts to a free day.
What to do!?
As with any free time - it will fill
much too quickly
and seem much too short.
It struck me, yesterday, that we
are half-way through November.  How that
happened is a mystery, but it
means that I need to get started
on Aidan's advent calendar which is
traditionally delivered
at Thanksgiving.
A tradition that started when we lived hours
 and hours away
as a way for me to share the
holiday anticipation with him.
One year he received fancy envelopes
containing a carol for each day.  His dad
sang them at bedtime.
Another year it was the pages
of a lovely story of a pine tree
 rewarded for its
kindness to other forest creatures.
His own tree and ornaments one year.
Last year his reading skills
allowed me to mark off
pages for him to read everyday
from a schmaltzy cute paperback
about a homeless dog looking
for a family during the holidays.
Other years have been a combination
of whatever
school supplies
will fit in the chosen container.
It's time to choose a container and theme -
a task that gets harder as he grows older.
If I want to keep the containers manageable
the content is pretty limited.
He doesn't like chocolate
which eliminates an easy default.
He's a boy - cute stuff only goes so far.
So today will be dedicated to strategy.
Making plans and lists.
Sorting through materials on hand.
Necessary groundwork
for productivity
if this Christmas project
 is actually going to happen.

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Valerie said...

Thank goodness for Pinterest and the endless inspiration it provides. Good luck. Let us know what you choose. Aidan is one lucky grandson.