27 November, 2013


Tomorrow holds so much expectation.
while supplying a context
for our observations and
can sometimes benefit from an
occasional update.
For many of us, of a certain generation, 
Thanksgiving traditionally marked
the beginning of the
 "holiday season."
In recent years we've seemed to carom from
one event to the next
with barely a pause for breath,
let alone time
to actually enjoy or reflect
on our holiday traditions.
can become lost in the holiday
shuffle fueled by
magazine spreads, Pinterest and other
media options that bring images,
 wish lists, and DIY projects to our
attention with dizzying speed.
There is no shortage of blessings
 in my life that
prompt my thankfulness.
will be a day of celebration.
 Norman Rockwell's
universe rarely
-if ever -
aligns with mine
but it doesn't make my family
any less special
or my thanks
any less sincere.
I hope your day will be spent in
the company of those you
hold dear.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

From what I have read, even Norman Rockwell did not have Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings. We all do what we can, where we are and with whom. Happy day...