05 November, 2013

Rainy Day

It's raining today so outside activities and
projects have been postponed.
There are a couple things calling for my attention
before work but they can wait
a few more minutes.
I baked gingerbread cookies yesterday
using a maple leaf cutter.
I love the mellow combination of molasses
and spices.  We enjoyed our portion and the rest
will go to work with me today.
This is the view outside my bedroom window.
It creates a gentle rosy glow throughout the room
but the leaves are thinning quickly
and soon we'll be surrounded by bare branches.

Hard to believe from this shot, but Charlie
seems to be having some anxiety issues.

I'm working to incorporate more exercise into his day,
hoping it will have the same positive effect
for him that it does for me.
This is the new bracelet. 
It's going to work with me today, too.


materfamilias said...

That bracelet is wonderful! Not much you couldn't wear that with. . .

ilona said...

Thanks - I rarely give in to impulse but this was worth the splurge.

scafhunt said...

lovely bracelet! I rarely wear bracelets myself but this one definitely appeals (may I ask where you got it?)

Valerie said...

Great bracelet. I can see why it was calling your name.

ilona said...

This bracelet is part of the Ralph Lauren line so I found it at a local department store. It should be available at any retailer that carries Lauren.