11 November, 2013

Monday Night

I find myself at the end of a busy weekend
looking forward to a busy week.
So a short recap of the trip to
Minneapolis is in order.
Naphtali took good care of us.
We're all still speaking so we can
call the weekend A Success.
The weather was mild so the red coat
didn't make it's debut
but tomorrow's walk to work will remedy
that situation.
This morning it snowed and
though it is that time of year and you know
that snow can fall at
any time, the first
snowfall always seems so unexpected.
Little more than a
light dusting, it still
packs a psychological punch.
My calendar actually looks rather full this week.
My work week starts tomorrow.
A lunch date Wednesday.
Quick trip to Webster City and back on Thursday.
An open house that evening.
Friday night I'll help serve
Thanksgiving dinner at Kennybrook. 
 They're expecting 360 guests
- three dining rooms, three seatings -
I'll be at the library all day Saturday,
 partying that night
and finish the weekend by
working Sunday afternoon.
I think it's time to set my clothes out for the gym
in the morning and
head to bed!


Valerie said...

So glad a good time was had by all in MSP. Your calendar is full! Nice to know you have wardrobe additions to support your various commitments. Enjoy.

ilona said...

Arrgh!! I changed 3 times before leaving for work today...

But thanks for the cheerful confidence!