02 November, 2013

Killing Time

It's too late to start anything new
before bedtime
but I have too much time to do nothing
so here I am.
Pictures will be added another time
because I'm already at my desk.
You'll have to come back.
Tim sent me shopping for my birthday.
(He also came home with flowers,
 and fixed his signature shrimp pizza for supper.)
He acknowledged my
thrift store purchases
and alterations
 and said it was time to have
some new things.
Hard to argue with that.
We agreed on a price range and
thanks to a great sale
and some coupons
I was able to spend almost twice
the allotted monies.
I came home with a mixture of
and utility pieces.
I'm normally a careful
and almost reluctant shopper
(and this is where the promised picture comes in)
 my way out of the store
passes the jewelry counter.
Something caught my eye and I
made an instant decision
- and I do mean instant -
that a particular
bracelet was going home with me.
(Well outside the allotment but hey - it was my birthday)
It's going to be so much fun to wear
and the c/w will factor out to pennies in no time!


materfamilias said...

Can't wait to see pics. Sometimes it's great to be able to shop for our own gifts, to be allowed to indulge ourselves. Sounds as if you were treated well on your special day -- Happy Birthday!

ilona said...

Thanks, Mater. They treat pretty well around here everyday but it was fun to claim the day for my own.