08 November, 2013

Road Trip

Heading North this weekend.
My mother and sister want to see
my daughter's new house.
Tonight will find me at their place
- a ninety minute drive -
and in the morning we'll point the car
in the direction of the Twin Cities and see what
the day brings.
They had snow in the cities earlier this week
and, even though Naphtali
assures me it will be gone before we
arrive, the weather provides a good excuse to
debut a recent thrift store find.
I rediscovered a forgotten fact about
vintage wool coats:
They are wool.
With a satin lining.
No thermo-tek engineering here. 
It should be well-suited for
the predicted mid-40s this weekend
but probably won't stand up
to the frigid extremes we'll experience
later this winter. 
For some women it's all about the
shoes, jewelry or purses.
Me?  It's coats. 
This one was just too fun, and
- even with the dry cleaning -
 too cheap, to leave hanging. 
It will require a certain attitude as
its main accessory
and, as I've pretty much been in a
damn-the-torpedoes mood lately,
it should be perfect.


Valerie said...

I love the coat...and the attitude. Will be looking forward to your report of the weekend. Andrea and Donna are counting the hours until you take to the road. Good luck!

ilona said...

Thanks. I'm working under the assumption that all will be well.

materfamilias said...

I love coats as well and have been wanting something with colour -- yours has that in spades AND animal-print fur trim as well. Wonderful! And I think that attitude gets reinforced so that you have a positive cycle going. Coat requires attitude, and, worn with attitude, gives more of same. . . onward and upward. Drive safely!