07 May, 2013

Gated Community

Busy days ahead with
family events and
major projects on-going
in the house and yard.
 We've added some fencing

to make a section of the yard

Any plants that fail to thrive will fail
for reasons unrelated to dogs being dogs.
It's worked well for Charlie
but Proton will be here next week
and that will be the real test.
Naphtali and Aidan will come down Friday.
A graduation reception
and Mother's Day visits will fill the weekend.
They'll head home, Sunday, 
- with Tim's pick-up -
leaving Proton with us until Memorial Day.
Because they'll be moving!
Papers will be signed on Monday!
will take up the next couple weeks
and Proton can skip that part of the process.
We're all excited to see this transitional
period end.
For so many reasons it will be good to see them
in their own home.

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