27 May, 2013

Is there anything that compares to that
first shower when you return from a road trip?

I want to give Naphtali
the chance to show off the new place
so there won't be any more pictures
and I will only say that they
have a charming house in what seems
like a friendly neighborhood.
I arrived on 2nd Street Friday morning
 and found things well in hand.
Thanks to the help of Mr. Rogers
and his family
(dear friends from way back)
soooo much was already done,
and the work that was left
was finished with good-humored camaraderie.
Hard to believe, but by suppertime,
she was done with 2nd Street.
We enjoyed the perfect window
of perfect weather
in a week characterized by rain
 and more rain.
Everyone worked
and worked well together.
When I left, this afternoon,
all the boxes had been
distributed to friends who are moving,
broken down and recycled.
Sure, there will be some fine-tuning
but they live there.
It doesn't have the feeling of a new place.
It feels like their home.

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On Second Street said...

thanks so much Mom, i appreciate all the work you did and your right, it does already feel like home. I found the perfect rug for the living roomat Home Goods tonight for a steal...... i will have to post some photos soon. we are loving the new place and have new, amazing memories of the day we moved and the help we had. i wish i would have snapped more photos.