18 May, 2013

Saturday evening

It's been a long day.
I had wondered recently
how Proton would do with the new fence?
Not to worry -
he simply ignores it when the need arises.
To be fair, it has taken him almost a week,
but he did jump it today - twice.
Sailed right over it.
Apparently the dogs on the other side were too appealing
and he had to chase up and down
barking with them.

So we added what seemed like
a substantial barricade
using a trellis and the grilling table.

(Sorry about the fuzziness)
And he went over that about a 1/2 hour later.
We heard the grill rattle so we know he went over it.
Tim is already formulating plan B.

We put in several hours when I came home from work
building a privacy fence at the back of the yard
so the dogs didn't have our full attention.
Charlie waited in the shade watching us.
Proton watched us, waiting for his opportunity.

My wisteria is blooming.
I have a few things to finish before I can call it a wrap...


Valerie said...

Wisteria! There is nothing as besutiful that says spring like wisteria...except maybe lilacs. Do you have lilacs, too?

ilona said...

No lilacs in our yard but several neighbors have several bushes. The backyard is simply redolent.