02 May, 2013

Peer Pressure

We have always
waited until Mother's Day
to do anything with bedding plants.
This past weekend our neighbor and her adorable
preschool daughter
had filled their big, red wagon
with all sorts of flowers
and made their way around the yard
planting and
laughing and
oohing and ahhing
and having so much fun together
that I went and bought
some plants on Monday.
And Tuesday.
And they looked great.
On Wednesday.
Last night when I came home from work
I noticed those same neighbors had been busy
covering their handiwork with sheets
so I tromped around in the dark spreading
 a few sheets of my own.
It has been snowing all day.
All day.
All day!


1 comment:

materfamilias said...

Oh dear!
At least you got a very cute blog post out of the experience -- that peer pressure!