12 May, 2013

I'm listening to the birds singing.
I can't tell you how entrancing the songbirds
 around our neighborhood have been.
With apologies to Mr. Wilson, I could burst into song like
wondering why they've never before
made such an impression -
but we'll skip that...
I do have to wonder, though, how such
tiny creatures produce such volume.
Naphtali and Aidan left for home earlier this afternoon.
Tomorrow is a big day for them.
Papers will be signed,
keys exchanged,
and the opportunity to craft their life anew
It's been one year. 
This same weekend last year
a different set of papers were signed
and we helped them move.
We'll go up at the end of the month
to help as we can
- and return Proton to his rightful place-
but most of it should be done.
The next couple weeks Naphtali will be 
and making small hauls
from where they are
to where they will be.
Can't wait!

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